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สินค้าภายใต้แบรนด์ Nano Plus

Spectra Aluminum




Spectra Aluminium Composite Panel

is inspired by nature changes, either from the peace of creek, the depth of blue ocean, the golden of cool autumn, the growth of flowers and plants or from the sunset of a day… All these mysterious natural phenomena become the fountain of Nano Plus Spectra creation.

By adopting different special pigments and color ingredients for the color coating process, Nano Plus Spectra best imitates the change of nature. Depending on the view angles and lights that are reflected to the panel surface, the color of Nano Plus Spectra looks different. It brings a new visual appreciation to your buildings.




Siam Serpentarium


Shopping Mall

Mazda Showroom


BMW สาขาลาดพร้าว (บจก.มิลเลนเนียม ออโต้ ลาดพร้าว)